Outlook 2007 and IMAP

Posted by admin | On: Mar 26 2012

As more and more people move to more mail-enabled devices POP mail accounts are just a waste of time.  I’ve come across this enough times now that I thought I should write about it…

Outlook 2007 has a big-‘ol feature missing when it comes to doing IMAP right – specifically when it comes to deleting messages and having those deleted messages end up in the IMAP Trash/Deleted Items/Deleted Messages folder.

Below are a couple of articles that explain how they want you to work through this problem
Basically, Outlook 2007 cannot move messages (via the Delete function) to an IMAP Trash folder.  Microsoft wants you to use Views to hide deleted messages and then periodically Purge those (hidden) deleted messages.


This missing functionality has been added to Outlook 2010, and most smartphones.

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